Promo Noticiero 47 Telemundo. Animation. Rendering Studios.
CMOS Image Sensor. This is an animation to show how CMOS image sensor works. This animation was used in a trial against Canon Inc. Visualization. Maxim Legal.
CCD Animation. Visualization. MaximLegal.
Dark Trails of the Broken North VFXs. VFX shots for the short film 'Dark Trails of the broken North' VFX. Quiet All Around.
Murray's Cheese (FacultyNY). Animation of a cheese traveling from the east to the west coast. Animation. Faculty NY.
Los Super. "Los Super" is the first superheroes movie from Dominican Republic. VFX. Larimar Films / Jose Delio Ares.
TV in an Iceberg (animated AE transition). TV in an iceberg, used as video transition. Animation. Jose Delio Ares.
Demo Reel 2012. Demo Reel up to December 2012. Demo. .
Alien Dawn (Nicktoons). VFX for Alien Dawn. VFX. Crook Bros.
TV Show Graphics. Graphics and elements for a politics show Other. Jose Delio Ares.
TV on the head. TV on his head. VFX. Jose Maria Cabral. Intro video. slide show animation. Animation.
Z51. 3D Animation and VFX shots for the pilot Z51. VFX. Crook Bros. / Nicktoons.
Akon's Jewel Lights and LED visualization. Visualization for the Lights and LED system at Akon's Jewel Disco (Punta cana) Visualization. Kenny Fiesta.
Plan B Commercial. 3d animated commercial for the duo presentation in NY. Animation. 809 Lounge.
"1 Minuto en la vida de" segment opening animation . TV Show segment opening animation Animation. Eliezer Bueno.
Vin-tich Lounge Commercial. Commercial done for Vin-tich. Other. Vin-tich Lounge.
Mercadeo Alternativo Commercial. Animated TV commercial for a Promotional Items manufacturer. Animation. Aspid Wear. Commercial. Animated commercial explaining what they do as tickets sellers. Animation.
Tabaco & Ron - Commercial. Other. Tabaco & Ron.
Girlz Talk. Unveil the logo for a Video Clip Animation. Girlz Talk.
Dundo - Dejate llevar (Clip). Director. Rawgutta Music Group.
Rawgutta ID. Rawgutta Music Group Logo ID Animation. Rawgutta Music Group.
Super Hero Phone Card. Make an animation following the voicer over. Animation. Robert Kruz (Rendering Studios).
iPhone 3GS. VFX. Jose Delio Ares.
DEMO REEL '06 - '08. Demo Reel from 2006 to 2008 Demo. .
Se Vende una Burra. Animated TV Commercial for a famous latin play. Other. Plaza Cultura Bonao.
Delorean DMC 12 - Back to the Future. I started modeling this car a while ago for an Internet 3D Modeling contest. VFX. .
Agility 125 Commercial (DV). Commercial for an off-road motorcycle. Other. Moparinsa.
Torre Anacaona (DV). Animated TV ad for a Rice company. Other. Arroz Anacaona.
Speedy 50 Commercial (DV). Other. Moparinsa.
Visual Effects for Independent Films, Small to medium-size productions, commercials, marketing and visualization.